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Social Media Web ClassDo you understand the REAL importance of a website? Do you understand all the Social Media outlets?  If you said no, or aren’t sure… this is the class for you!

Register for the Web and Social Media class and you will learn the tools to take your website to the next level in the business world. You will also gain the understanding of what is needed and how to fully use the content you have made to drive traffic back to your website for impressions and sales.

Online, 1 Session, 2+ Hours & Extras

  • We Will Take a Press Release, Post it on a Website
  • Then Track it Through all the Social Media Sites
  • Learn Pro’s & Con’s of all the Different Social Media Outlets
  • Explore 10+ Social Outlets
  • Understand How to Post Successfully on Each Outlet
  • Boost Your Feedback Loop & Bring in More Traffic
  • Understand What Needs to be on Your Website

Learning your Website along with Social Media:

  • How to use your website
  • What needs to be on your website, to ensure the best content
  • Learn why we call our websites our homes and social media outlets our vehicles
  • Go step by step through all social media outlets and find out which one (or more) is best for you
  • Do you think a Facebook page can replace a website?
  • How to manage your sites (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)

Learning about Press Releases and What they can do for You:

Do you believe in writing press releases? We do! Content is key. A press release is written as an official statement on an event and is meant to be distributed to media outlets for more publicity and to gain more positive attention.

  • Learn how to write a press release
  • Study how to put your story in action from start to finish
  • Multiple places to place your press release
  • Learn the real effort of writing a press release
  • Sending a press release and who to send it to

Main Outlets you may use:

  • Website
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Google +
  • YouTube
  • Linked In
  • Email Blast

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