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Bower-Media-Marketing-Club$9.99/ mo – CLICK HERE

2 Months FREE – $99/ yr – CLICK HERE

  • Access to ‘Winners Circle’ Private Facebook group
  • Receive 1 Trick everyday on our ‘Bower Media Marketing Club’ Private Facebook Group
  • Receive an email with new tips and tricks every other week
  • Free entry to webinar by Industry Professional + gain insider info from the Pros
  • Direct Access to private blog posts with tips, at the track and on the web pointers
  • Direct Access to Charlene Bower or a group of Professionals with absolutely any questions you may have
More Specifics in what this Club has to offer:

Bower Media Marketing Club Facebook Group – 

Do you want to learn even more about sponsors and marketing partners? If you join the Bower Media Marketing Club you will be given access to our closed Facebook. You will be joined in on discussions about sponsors or marketing partners and be given more tricks and tools to use!

One Trick a Day-

Everyday you will be provided with a daily Trick provided by Charlene Bower or a group of Professionals in the ‘Bower Media Marketing Club’ Private Facebook Group.

Email Blast – 

This is our every other week check-in. These emails will inform you what has and what will be going on that month to make sure your staying on top of your competitors! Along with whats going on, this email will include new tips and tricks. This is one of our communication methods with you so be sure to open them to stay up to date.

These email blasts will feature:

  • Monthly Tricks and Tips
  • Announcements of guest speakers
  • Discussions that might be happening on Facebook

The email blasts may also provide more than just those feature above such as:

  • Any kind of Potential Sponsorship Opportunities

Webinar Bonuses – 

While being part of this club you will also be able to join in on free webinars with industry professionals who want to help you understand their side of the equation. You will be able to access these webinars live and later in a recorded version. You will be informed of these in your email blasts and in the private Facebook Group.

Blog Posts – 

When we have a lot to write on a topic, we will put it into a blog post within the BowerMediaMarketingSchool.comwebsite.  You will have access to all of this information!

All this…and direct access to Charlene Bower or a group of Professionals with any questions you may have through Facebook for only $9.99/month


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