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Stir It Up Motivational Talk
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Stir It Up Motivational Talk

charlene bower motivational talkI’m NOT above Begging……..I think YOU need to hear the message in the first 20 minutes…. well, actually forward to 2:45 and listen for 20 minutes. TRUST ME, this may be directed to our Ladies Offroad Network group ~ but everyone (yes guys) needs to hear this! YES?

Oh, then if you want to hear about getting a dirt bike, SXS and trailer…with a hysterical laugh as I :thumpthump: roll myself over with a bus … forward to min 51 & 57!

I only do motivational talks at our Ladies Offroad Network Convention’s (July 30-Aug 2, 2020, Michigan). This is a rare opportunity to hear me talk in this manner… YOU GOT THISxoxo

YouTube link: CLICK HERE

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