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TammyForsyth-LONMemberTammy Forsyth

Forum User Name: Tammy – Jeep Momma
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“I am a Jeep Mom balancing a new second career, my family & my passion for my Jeep, off-roading and blogging. I write about my journey as a Jeep Mom.

Life is all about the journey… an ever-changing journey. A stay-at-home mom for 16 years, now I have begun a new journey.  I am onto the next next phase of my life – taking a new road. But this journey is unknown and scary.

This new journey I learn to balance my new second career, my family, and my recently found passion of my Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, off-roading, and blogging. I share what I learn, my mistakes, my experiences and my joys — maybe I’ll inspire some changes in your life.

I am the mother of two amazing, energetic boys, who traded the mini-van for a black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited. As a stay at home mom turning 50, I battle with the changes that come with getting older. I struggle often with what will be my next great journey in life. That fateful day in May as I drove my Jeep off the lot, was the kickoff to this great new Jeep journey. is about my journey as I discover how to reinvent my life, learn about Jeep modifications, my newly discovered passion for off-roading, and being a part of the great Jeep community. I love sharing all the wonderful things I discover about myself, and my Jeep. My hope is to inspire others to live their lives to the fullest… to live with no regrets. 

I work hard to share, in my own unique way, what I’ve learned, the mistakes I make, and the pure joy of owning a Jeep. I hope that I will inspire some changes in your life, to not letting another day slip by not doing the things you love and enjoy.

This bumpy road to discovery, although scary at times, has also brought much happiness to my life, as I discover a new purpose and passion by embracing this new journey and adventure. A little time for me — getting healthy, enjoying the great outdoors, getting fit, living simple, clean eating and of course living the Jeep Life and meeting so many amazing Jeepers (OffRoaders). I share these experiences on my blog, in videos on you tube and as a Co-host on a podcast.

Occupation: Blogger, Podcast Host, Asst. Project Mgr
Birthday: August 10, 1966


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Questions & Answers

TammyForsyth-LONMemberAbout Tammy:

Q: What is your favorite color?
A: “Purple”

Q: What is your favorite food?
A: Fajitas, Brick Oven Pizza, Fettuccini Alfredo”

Q: Do you have kids? 
A: Ben my youngest, a middle schooler. He loves watching and playing all kinds of sports. He is in soccer, basketball, and cross country. His is a loyal and avid New England Patriots fan. He is also a huge roller coaster enthusiast. Michael my oldest is a senior in high school this year. He is all things computers, technology and video games. He is extremely bright but is dyslexic. He doesn’t see this as a disability though. To him dyslexia is an advantage because he sees things non-dyslexic people don’t and he has created many strategies to help deal with it.”

TammyForsyth-LONMemberQ: Do you have any pets?
A: Sterling a Dalmatian, English pointer mix. My son Michael was / is a huge Dalmatian fan ever since the first time he saw 101 Dalmatians which he has probably watched a 100 times. He always wanted one and finally 5 years ago we rescued her from a high kill shelter.”

Q: Do you take your pets off-roading?
A: “No”


Tammy’s Off-Road Facts:

Q: How old were you when you first started wheeling?
“Almost to the half century mark.”

Q: Is your whole family into off-roading?
A: “No”

Q: Do you have any off-road traditions or rituals?
A: “Not really”

TammyForsyth-LONMemberQ: How often do you get to go off-roading?
A: I try to get out once a month but soccer games and family responsibilities take top billing. ☹”

Q: How did you get started in the offroad world?
A: “A year after I bought my Jeep in 2013 I noticed all these cool pictures and videos of Jeeps on rocks and in the mountains and said Hey that looks like fun. So I took a one on one off-roading class at Rausch Creek Off Road park with Kyle Butcher and instantly became addicted”

Q: Where is your favorite place to wheel?
A: Moab, Utah would be my number one choice since there are so many trails I still want to hit. Rausch Creek Off Road Park would be my number 2″

TammyForsyth-LONMemberQ: Do you belong to an off-road club? Which one? What is their motto/mission?
“Yes, the Blue Mountain Jeep Alliance

Q: What is on your off-roading bucket-list?
A: “To wheel the Rubicon Trail.”

Q: How are you active in the off-road world?
A: I have a blog and am a co-host on the Jeep Talk Show Podcast. I also help with the Women’s Wheeling Day at Rausch Creek Off Road Park.”


Tammy‘s Off-Road Stories:

Q: What is your most memorable offroad moment?
A: Hells Revenge with Charlene Bower!” Watch Here

Q: What was your first wheeling trip?
A: “May 2014. My one on one 101 OffRoad class at Rausch Creek

TammyForsyth-LONMemberQ: What was your longest wheeling trip?
A: “My trip to Moab in May of 2017″

Q: What was your favorite wheeling trip?
A: “The Moab 2017 trip.”


All About the Ladies:

Q: Give us a story, any story, about educating, guiding, empowering ladies in the offroad, past or future:
There have been several women ( and men) who have seen my blog or my posts on social media who have reached out to me to share how much I have inspired them. Whether it was from me getting out into the garage to wrench with no prior experience. Or to inspire them to buy a Jeep or to get out on the trails.”


TammyForsyth-LONMemberTammy’s Vehicle:

About Tammy’s Vehicle:
2015 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon that also serves as a daily driver.


Vehicle Type: Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Rubicon
Year: 2015
Tire Make/Size: Goodyear Duratracs 35”
Wheel Make/Size: Steel Black Rock Wheels 17”




Source: Ladies Offroad Network

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