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Author: Amanda Hazard

Amanda-HazardI was pretty down on my luck from a break up with my boyfriend of over two years, so I decided to to try Tinder. I found many mistakes on Tinder, but one guy stood out to me. We talked 3 whole days about Jeeps and tires before meeting in person. We finally went out to Applebee’s and had a couple drinks and some food. I wanted to show him this small pit in my hometown to test our Jeeps out. He ended up getting stuck at one part in soft sand, so I had to pull him out. A couple weeks went by, and he sent me a message while I was working saying he was out wheeling and got stuck by himself with two friends. I told him he would have to wait a couple hours until I got out of work. Later that night, I left work and made my way down there, hooked his Jeep up to mine and pulled him right out. I kind of knew something was there between us from that day on.

We spent many hours working on my Jeep in his garage, and one day, he told me he was moving to Virginia for a different life. I was absolutely crushed but didn’t want to admit it. So ,the last night he was in New Jersey, we flexed and climbed on snow mounts before I got stuck, and he had to pull me out. Months went by, and we still talked every day. In July, right before he said he was going to move back, I drove my Jeep 6 hours to see him. After that, we started dating, and we couldn’t be happier. Still Jeepin’ and pulling each other out of stuck situations. 🙂

Author: Amanda Hazard

Source: Ladies Offroad Network

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