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Amanda Products Releases Final Installment of its Road to SEMA 2014 Story

Amanda Products SEMA 2014 3Amanda Products is pulling back the curtain on its unique design process that was used to develop automotive aftermarket prototype parts for the 2014 SEMA Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The three-part story at offers exclusive photos and interviews with designers, executives, engineers and product developers.

The first two parts of the Amanda Products Road to SEMA Story – INSPIRATION AND DESIGN – documented the brand’s journey from Global Media Award for its innovative SpeedHook™ at SEMA 2013 to development of more ingenious off-road products. Amanda Products brought the real-world feedback it had collected from off-road enthusiasts to intensive group ideation sessions, uniting executives, engineers and designers to generate new ideas for the brand.

Amanda Products SEMA 2014 4M3D experiences facilitated the ideation marathon, guiding the process from initial critique and brainstorming to incubation, illustration and selection. David Halpin, Principal and CFO of M3D, who has brought hundreds of products to market for Chrysler, Ford, ITT, and the toy and security industries said, “the guiding principle here was integrity of the design. We never compromised on that. That’s how we started out and we’ve been fighting that tooth and nail at every turn – fighting the desire to do it easier, faster and cheaper. Slight changes were made throughout the prototyping process, but the design remains true.”

Producing true, original design is just what Amanda Products did. Calling on renowned digital artist and 3D modeler Tom Nemeth from Los Angeles; Nick Stephey, Project Manager at Amanda Manufacturing; Robert Gruschow, President of Amanda Products; and Matt Binkowski, Chief Creative Officer of M3D experiences, Amanda Products created unique bumper, door and mirror designs that, according to Stephey, “are fully manufacturable” and are “bolt-on…easily taken off and fit to any other Jeep Wrangler. A lot of character flows with the vehicle. Amanda Products SEMA 2014 2It almost has a factory look to it, like it could have been a factory option.”

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Amanda Products is the off-road marketing brand of Amanda Manufacturing, an original equipment supplier in Logan, Ohio. The company produces more than 300 quality metal formed parts for automotive manufacturers, including hood-prop rods, hood/door/seat strikers, muffler hangers, fender braces and manual shift assemblies.



Amanda Products SEMA 2014

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