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Amanda Products Releases Part 2 of Road to SEMA 2014 Story

Amanda Products SEMA 2014 3INSPIRATION – part 1 of the Road to SEMA story – documented Amanda Products’ search for exciting new off-road products after winning a Global Media Award for SpeedHook™ at SEMA ’13. That journey took them in search of real-world feedback – from Ultra4 and Dirt Riot races on the west coast to Jeep Beach on the east coast where – for the first time – they met off-roaders who prize appearance as much as function. Those enthusiasts suggested SpeedHook™ be built into a “cool new bumper;” and the next concept was born.

But what does “cool” look like?

In DESIGN – part 2 of 3 – we follow Amanda Products’ unique creative process from great idea to cool new products. Amanda Products and Amanda Manufacturing are part of the Deshler Group; executive, engineering and manufacturing from all three came together to work with a hand-selected design team. A facilitation team from M3D guided the process from initial critique and brainstorming to incubation, illustration and selection.

One of the designers described the process this way. “The biggest thing I liked was Amanda Products didn’t really take the automotive approach, which is very competitive. From the beginning they took a product approach – got everybody together and did two full days of brainstorming, writing everything down on sticky notes and pasting on the wall. The facilitator prefaced it with – ‘there is not one bad idea here; if you have an idea we will put it on the board.'” Agreement on design direction was easily reached.

Amanda Products SEMA 2014 1Part 3 – PROTOTYPE – will go live next week. It will explain the decisions and challenges involved in giving shape to the design.

Amanda Products – an off-road product design and development brand within the Deshler Group – is committed to delivering a superior 4WD experience. Deshler Group unites seven diverse organizations to create complete, focused solutions for customer needs, from manufacturing and assembly to transportation and logistics, door to door and at every step in between.


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Amanda Products SEMA 2014

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