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GeiserBros Replay XD

Replay XD Cameras Now Available Through GeiserBros

Geiser bros replay xdPHOENIX, AZ (August 18, 2014) – Replay XD is excited to announce a new sales & distribution partnership with the Professional Off-Road Racing company GeiserBros. Design & Development “One Stop Offroad Shop” in Phoenix, Arizona.  GeiserBros., owned & operated by Rick and Jeff Geiser, have been a long-standing Replay XD Action Camera customer, mounting and recording amazing footage with their cameras in both customer and personal vehicles for over 5 years.

“We have been testing the Replay XD Cameras for 5 years in extreme weather, temperatures, whoops, dirt, dust, rain and mud. Replay XD is a great fit for all our trucks. Simple and easy to use. Good reliable quality with desert abuse, it’s the only camera that fits the Geiser toughness test!“ said GeiserBros owner Rick Geiser.

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“All our latest Replay XD cameras and their accessories will be in-stock for quick delivery, plus the best personal service for all of GeiserBros. long list of winning customers and anyone else with such demanding applications.  The Replay XD is the smallest and lightest full-featured 1080 HD Geiser bros replay xdvideo action camera on the market,” said Replay XD Motorsport agent Bradley Miller. “The Replay XD 1080 Mini camera, released in early 2014, has been re-engineered and retuned to be 33% lighter with a 20% smaller footprint. It’s perfect for catching incredible on-board camera angles and race coverage from all the Off-Road extremes.”

From Trophy Trucks, IndyCar, Motocross, Surfing, and Skim boarding to military, tactical and drones, Replay XD is an industry leader. The Replay XD cameras feature a high-strength aerospace aluminum body, Mil-Spec hard anodized for extreme durability to withstand the demands of over one million mounting positions.  Water-resistant, the cameras weigh a mere two ounces making them perfect for any activity including desert racing.

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Geiser Brothers is located at 2250 W. Desert Cove Ave in Phoenix, Arizona 85029.  Phone 602-944-4333 or email


ABOUT REPLAY XD: Replay XD was designed by a group of racing professionals with over 50 years of experience in the high performance racing industry. The development team forever revolutionized Action Cameras, creating the smallest, lightest, ultra-rugged, and most versatile cameras. Replay XD Action Cameras endure and capture never before seen video from human and machine in the most extreme environments on Earth. We create the finest Action Cameras on the Planet. For more information, please visit


ABOUT GeiserBros. Design & Development:
 While many companies claim to produce products that are rugged, durable & built “tough”, only GeiserBros. can claim that have been designing and building record setting Off-Road Racing vehicles for nearly twenty years. These brutally driven and raced vehicles are globally known as the elite builders for the Off-Road Racing category known as the “Trophy Truck” class.  The fleet of 50+ half-million dollar plus priced units have all been 100% engineered and built by Rick & Jeff Geiser in their Phoenix, Arizona based facilities.





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