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Justin Lofton Takes The AHBEEF General Tire Jimco To Victory At The Longest Off Road Race In The US

Justin Lofton Takes The #AHBEEF General Tire Jimco To Victory At The Longest Off Road Race In The U.S.

Las Vegas, NV – Justin Lofton vanquished all other class 1500 competitors and 533 miles of dust, silt and rocks to win the longest off road race in the United States, require some strategy but at V2R, it’s a sprint race from the drop of the green flag. Competitors spend hours at wide open throttle clawing their way across the weathered, Northern Nevada terrain. At V2R, you are pushing non-stop to gain time on those ahead or building a lead over those you have already left in the dust. With plenty of perils along the way, it’s a race that rewards controlled aggression. You have to stay on a blistering pace while keeping all four wheels on the course. The racecourse is rough enough, if you misjudge a corner or go off in the dust, you are bound to get a costly flat or damage the car.

“We had a great day,” Said Justin, “We had a great spot after qualifying; we left the line fourth and had someone really great to pace with upfront in Jason Voss and Jesse Jones and shoot, even Wheyrich got up in the mix. We had a good clean day, we had to pit a couple more times than we would have liked but all in all Derek (Balcunas) did a great job and we had quick stops and here we are on the podium. We won the General Tire Vegas to Reno presented by FOX with General Tire Grabbers and with FOX Shox on the car so we are super excited about that! This is the toughest, longest race in the US and we are happy to be here at the finish line because there are a lot of guys who are not.”

Justin’s victory is the second Best in the Desert series race win this season and is made possible by strong support from #AHBEEF, General Tire, FOX Shox, Trailready Beadlocks, Jimco Racing,Monster Seal, Baja Designs, Dougans Racing Engines, South Point Hotel & Casino, Kooks Headers, TK Wrapz Designs and J6Ink. Justin and the crew will take the momentum from this win on to the BlueWater Desert Challenge OCTOBER 10-12; a 2-day race held in Parker, Arizona where they captured both a class 1500 win and the overall victory in 2013

About Justin Lofton
Justin Lofton’s racing accomplishments are varied and many. He has distinguished himself in competition ranging from BMX and Mountain Biking to Pikes Peak, IMCA Dirt Modifieds, Desert Off-Road, Grand-Am and NASCAR. He is known for being fast on dirt or pavement right out of the box. Justin has earned rookie of the year titles, countless victories, points Championships and holds several track records. When teams need a fast, highly skilled driver, Justin gets the call.


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