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Levi Shirley and Brian Shirley Cross Finish Line Together at King of the Hammers

Levi Shirley Building Two Cars for 2014 Ultra4 Season

Brian Shirley Reigning 2013 Dirt Riot National Points Champion

Levi Shirley KOH Bower Media 2DODGE CITY, KS     MARCH 13, 2014   When father and son cross the finish line together, it is a special moment, especially when it is at the toughest off-road race in the United States: 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers.  “Race day was the highlight of our week, there is something about the helicopters chasing you that is pretty cool,” said 21-year-old Levi Shirley in reflection of the week.  “Crossing the finish line with my Dad (Brian Shirley) made all the late nights at the shop, worrying about parts and those stupid squabbles worth it!  I hadn’t seen him all day, and then he shows up just when I needed him to get me unstuck for the final time.  I didn’t know it was him!  We descended on Hammertown together and crossed the finish line side-by-side.  Because of adjusted time, Dad was 20th and I was 21st.”

Levi reflects on his race: “We were running in the top 10 with Elvis, the final rock trail, to go when the front end quit pulling.  But we didn’t know this until we were already belly hung on a rock.  With 2WD and a broken winch mount, we were at the mercy of other drivers to help us off the rock.  Billy Briney was the 2nd car to come by and stopped to help.  He was on his second lap and knew that he couldn’t make the cutoff time, so they pulled and pulled and helped us get out of that rock trail which felt like 2-3 hours!  We raced on, but at a bit of a slower pace, now just wanting to see the finish line.

Levi Shirley KOH Bower Media“We were close when we got stuck on the sand hill.  Buried.  When we saw lights in the distance, we hoped that it would be someone generous enough to help us out.  It was Dad!  He pulled over, winched us up the hill and stayed with me for the few miles to the finish.  We hadn’t seen each other all day until I got stuck.  As we descended on Hammertown using our Lazer Star Lights my Dad was on the radio and we were able to take the finish line side-by-side.  Over 15 members of our crew was standing there cheering for us.  It was a great finish to a long day.

“All in all, It was a pretty uneventful day, which is a good day at the King of the Hammers,” laughed Levi.  “Proud to say this is the third year in a row that neither of our cars cut one of our Maxxis 40” Trepadores on Trail-Ready Wheels.  It will also mark the 7th year of using Spidertrax Axles and Shafts with no concern or issue.  Advance Adaptors and Sway-Away Shocks had no issues. Like I said, it was uneventful until the last section!”

Brian Shirley KOH Bower Media
Brian Shirley

Lucky Dog racing is currently building two new cars for Levi to race this year in Ultra4 and Ultra4 Europe.  The Campbell Enterprise chassis will be finished by Lucky Dog Racing and will be racing both the Ultra4 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series and Trail Gear Western Regional Series in 2014.  “We are still working on getting this car finished.  I am excited to be able to drive it like the single seat go-kart I started racing,” said Levi.  Then adds, “Well, a go-kart with a ridiculous amount of engine and suspension!”

The second car is being built by Off Road Armoury for the Ultra4 Europe series.  Calling it the Euro-Fighter, this car is being built as a 2-seater because of all the winching that is typical of the European terrain.  “It is a little crazy building two cars in two different countries right now.  But, I guess I can’t complain about that problem.  I am really looking forward to this season, it is going to be awesome!”

Brian Shirley will racing the Ultra4 4WD Hardware Eastern Regional Series, including the upcoming Ultra4s at Superlift Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas.  He will also be racing multiple Dirt Riot events as the reigning 2013 National Points Champion.


Marketing Partners: Maxxis Tires, Spidertrax Offroad, Advance Adapters, Trail Ready Wheels, Lazer Star Lights, Dynomax Exhaust, Sway Away Shocks, BullDog Winch, Custom Splice

Crew Support:  Matt Thompson, Terry Madden, Aaron Dupree, Jay Hawkinson, Kenny Thomas, Suzanne Shirley, Mason Bednar, Caleb Schraeder, Camden Blankenship, Bryce Clemmer, Mark Munson, Starla Thompson



About Levi Shirley: At only 21 years old, Levi already has a 2012 Dirt Riot National Championship, 2012 & 2013 Dirt Riot Central Championship, 2013 Ultra4 European Championship, 2011 & 2012 Ultra4 Top 10 Series Points finishes and in 2011 was voted “Sportsman of the Year” unanimously by all competing drivers.

Levi grew up in the small town of Dodge City watching his dad, Brian raced stock cars.  Levi watched and learned as his father’s number one fan. At nine, his turn arrived to get behind the wheel of a go-kart. At thirteen, Levi moved up to miniature stock cars where he won multiple races and capped the season off by winning the overall points in 2005. In 2008, at fifteen, he proved he had what it took to compete and finished his first season racing in the XORRA where he consistently placed in the top ten. The following year, proving his accomplishments were no fluke, Levi became the youngest driver to ever win an XORRA event.  Returning to the podium multiple times in 2009 placing 3rd in the XORRA points in both the East and West Coast Series. In 2010, Levi not only graduated from high school but also became the Colorado Hill Climb Associations’ Rookie of the Year. In 2011 Levi finished 7th in the overall points for the Ultra 4 Series and was voted “Sportsman of the Year” unanimously by all competing drivers.  In 2012, Levi raced the full season of Dirt Riot earning the Dirt Riot National Championship and the Central Series Championship while also placing in the top 10 in overall Ultra4 Series Points.  In 2013, Levi was the Dirt Riot Nation Champion runner up to his Dad Brian, Central Series Champion, the Dirt Riot UTV National Champion, while also racing Ultra4 and capturing the Ultra4 European Championship.  2014 has already started on a good note with a 21st finish at the King of the Hammers, two new cars being built and a race schedule that includes both the Western, Eastern and European Ultra4 races.


About Brian Shirley:  Brian Shirley has never missed an East or West Coast Series event.  His consistency has earned him several wins and many podium finishes in XORRA Series from 2007-20XX and the 2008 MOROC Unlimited Series Champion.  In 2011 he was the Dirt Riot National Points Runner up (to Levi) and was 10th in the Ultra4 Series.  In 2012, Brian finished in the Top 10 Series points of Ultra4 Racing and was the runner up in the Dirt Riot National points (to Levi), Dirt Riot Central Series (to Levi), and in the Dirt Riot Mountain Series.  In 2013 Brian earned the Dirt Riot National Championship Points title and was the runner up in the Dirt Riot Central Series (to Levi).  2014 has started on a high note with a 20th place finish at the Griffin King of the Hammers.

Born in 1963, Brian still lives in the small town of Dodge City, Kansas where he was born.  He started his winnings at 14 as a Team Roping Champion.  At one point Brian was a jockey riding racehorses across the US then attended college on rodeo scholarships and graduated from Northwestern Oklahoma State University.  In the early 1990’s, motorsports took over his need for speed and competition becoming involved in recreational 4-wheeling and stock car racing at the local 3/8 dirt and asphalt tracks.  Lucky Dog Racing has a reputation for always being at the races and giving 100%.


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