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Unlimited Off-Road American Show & Expo

The UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo – Connect. Ignite. Entertain.

Unlimited Off Road showFebruary 12, 2014 – Atlanta, GA – Creating an industry hub on the east cost, connecting all off-road markets and areas, and pumping some serious adrenalin. Professionals, enthusiasts and friends of all wheeling categories visit the Kentucky Exposition Center in Louisville, June 20 – 22, 2014.

Where do east coast off-road businesses have the opportunity to meet? Where does the east and west coast industry connect to spark up new alliances? Where can off-road enthusiasts of any category see it all at the same show – rock racers, rock bouncers, crawlers, mud trucks, show trucks, UTV’s or just the awesome builds on the daily driver?

Great custom Rigs, Parts, Accessories, Performance, Equipment, Lifestyle and Race Series! This is what the UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo is all about! The “UOR” is dedicated to help expand businesses and also fire up top retail deals for thousands of passionate consumers. This is where OHVs, UTVs ATVs, and all kinds of Buggies get into gear to attract everybody who loves 4×4 sports – from mild to extreme. “Connect. Ignite. Entertain”.

Unlimited Off Road showWithin a 6 hour driving radius, the UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD UNLIMITED American Show & Expo has access to more than 62% of all Americans – 189 million people. Even within a 3 hour drive of Louisville, there are 61 million people, making the area the highest populated one in the entire USA. Off-roaders earn an average income of $71k annually and are often self-employed. The targeted core spectator age varies from 26 – 58 years. 22% of them are active female off-road drivers. There are 22 Jeep dealerships within 72 miles of Louisville.

Brands and businesses, just as much as visitors with various needs will attend to see where opportunity is knocking and where big tires are popping. With extensive live show entertainment including bouncing, crawling and racing, the event will generate a high level of traffic from clubs, families, and business professionals – from all over the USA!

Exhibitors and pre-registered off-road professionals from the entire industry are given the opportunity to connect on one dedicated industry day. With the meet & greet program, product presentations, an international pavilion, the Innovations & News Area, and of course during the big Friday “4×4 VIP Celebration Night”, partnerships will be forged and initiated.

In advance of the show, exhibitors will be proactively connected and invited to reach out to new potential business partners. All communications work will be focused on building new contacts and initiating meetings for new business opportunities. An affordable day pass along with broadly provided consumer discounts will not fail to have an impact on the savvy off-road customer, for all wheeler categories, during the UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo.

The total social media community of event affiliates has just reached 975,000 off-road fans. PR and press will exceed this figure by far, based on planned campaigns, starting in late February 2014. Advertising and media presence in the region and all over the country will draw a lot of attention to this long needed show out east – the UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo.

With all racing series and thousands of active wheelers already committed, the UNLIMITED OFF-ROAD American Show & Expo will also attract magazines and online TV coverage for maximum publicity.

What a location out east! The Louisville Exposition Center is a partner with expertise, vast indoor and outdoor space, outstanding background and history. The beautiful downtown area and the variety of great attractions offer entertainment for everybody – and all this just minutes away from the Exposition Center with its show and expo.


Testimonials from Industry Professionals

Axel Stammel, President of AXEL OFF ROAD in Roswell, GA, enthusiastically comments, “We are glad to support a show and expo of this magnitude. It offers new growth opportunities for the off-road industry, not only out east. Firing up that kind of event in a highly populated and off-road minded area will help drawing the attention to our great off-road sport. This will be big.”


Ian Johnson, TV Host XTREME OFF-ROAD, has endorsed the new industry event. He states, ““I am very excited to hear about the latest trade show UOR to hit the east coast. The events planned and ability for people from all different areas in the off road industry is an excellent opportunity.”


Andreas Ulber, President of Fortec 4×4 Custom Jeeps, also shares his support for the event when he comments, “Finally a trade show for industry and consumers close to home. Fortec Custom Jeeps is excited to display and participate. This should be a whole lot of fun and our team can’t wait for the event to unfold.”


Jeremy Forsyth, Co-Owner Southern Rock Racing Series, comments about the event program; “The entire team at Southern Rock Racing can’t wait to put the race on! With businesses attending and race teams showing off, visitors will experience a level of entertainment like never seen before. The combination of show and expo will give a push to our sport and businesses from all over the off-road industry.”



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