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King of the Hammers 2014





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We are here and the action is starting!  Feel free to come back every day for updates!

bower media king of the hammersSaturday – King of the Motos presented by Trail Tech qualifying and Pre-Running.

Today we got the trailers set and the trucks unhooked, which was the same as most everyone on the lake bed. The steady stream of trucks and trailers coming down Boone Rd.  The real top of the line news is: Charlene one-shotted Back Door.  Yes, that is the news. I am ready for Monday nights Backdoor Shootout.



Webb Fastest Rider During King of the Motos Qualifying


bower media king of the hammersFebruary 1, 2014 (Johnson Valley, CA) – On Saturday afternoon, Cody Webb, 25, of Watsonville, Calif., finished first out of 69 competitors during the 2014 King of the Motos qualifying. Webb, who won the event in 2013, now has pole position going into Sunday’s two-part final. Kailub Russell, a first-time competitor from Boonville, N.C. finished second, while Kyle Redmond of Lake Hughes, Calif. was third.

Notes from KOM Qualifying

·       Qualifying didn’t eliminate any competitors – it was used as a way to seed competitors for Sunday’s final. Competitors left the start at intervals and did a short lap close to the venue.

·       With a time of 3:00:42, Cody Webb was seven seconds faster than the next competitor. A three-time X Games medalist with a strong trials racing background, Webb is the defending “King” of the event. He’d like nothing more than to start off his racing season with a win. “I want to start the year with a bang,” Webb said in an earlier interview. “I want prove to people I’m here to do business. The first step is winning King of Motos and putting some fear in my competitors’ eyes.” Webb also competes in the Endurocross series, X Games, AMA/NATC Moto-Trials and select endurance races throughout the year.

·       2012 King of the Motos winner Graham Jarvis (UK) finished 12th in qualifying with a time of 3:22.78. Considered one of the greatest extreme enduro racers of all time (he’s a three-time Hell’s Gate winner), look for Jarvis to step up on Sunday’s longer course.

·       Louise Forsley, one of three women competing in the competition, finished an impressive 35th, besting almost half of the men’s field. Forsley is a former X Games competitor from Bernardston, Mass.

2014 King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech – Qualifying Results

Order | Class | # | First | Last | Time

1 Pro 1 Cody Webb 03:00.4
2 Pro 557 Kailub Russell 03:07.5
3 Pro 7 Kyle Redmond 03:10.5
4 Pro 720 Jordan Brandt 03:11.0
5 Pro 30 Jason Matheney 03:18.2
6 Pro 118 Cory Graffunder 03:18.3
7 Pro 33 Taylor Robert 03:19.2
8 Pro 403 Justin Morgan 03:19.7
9 Pro 10 Colton Haaker 03:20.0
10 Pro 4 Quinn Wentzel 03:21.2
11 Pro 114 Ty Tremaine 03:22.1
12 Pro 2 Graham Jarvis 03:22.8
13 Pro 507 Rory Sullivan 03:24.7
14 Pro 15 Max Gerston 03:25.4
15 Pro 203 Mike Aranda 03:25.9
16 Pro 452 Travis Coy 03:30.3
17 Pro 177 Mitch Carvolth 03:31.3
18 Sportsman 104 Michael Allen 03:32.8
19 Pro 5 Kale Elworthy 03:33.7
20 Pro 696 Noah Kepple 03:33.7
21 Pro 20 Kevin Murphy 03:38.2
22 Pro 106 Bryan G Nelson 03:38.2
23 Pro  804 AJ Lehr 03:41.0
24 Pro 9 DON BOESPFLUG 03:41.8
25 Pro 616 Brad Hendry 03:42.9
26 Pro 34 Brady Elton 03:43.7
27 Pro 13 Peter Weiss 03:46.3
28 Pro 108 Joseph Edsman 03:49.7
29 Sportsman 17 Bernard Unhassobiscay 04:13.9
30 Sportsman 239V Kevin Driver 04:15.0
31 Sportsman V3 Greg Gilbert 04:26.5
32 Sportsman 86 Travis Tiner 04:28.0
33 Sportsman 666 Chad Hummer 04:28.6
34 Sportsman N375 Brenden Throckmorton 04:30.0
35 Woman/Sportsman 77 Louise Forsley 04:30.3
36 Sportsman 76 patrick kubiak 04:33.3
37 Sportsman 308 Alex Lehr 04:36.4
38 Sportsman 105 Erin James 04:37.1
39 Teams 6T Thomas Pira Team 04:38.3 | 85 Teams 6T Phil Pira 04:38.3
40 Sportsman 74 Radek Burkat 04:44.7
41 Sportsman 374 Justin Leineweber 04:46.8
42 Pro 579 Kyle Strawn 04:52.7
43 Sportsman v37 Craig Thompson 04:54.4
44 Sportsman 328 V Roger Flud 04:55.3
45 Pro 160 Randy Duke 04:57.8
46 Teams 360T Steven Foord 04:59.2 | 84 Teams 360T Michael Salsman 04:59.2
47 Sportsman 97 Dave Sanchez 05:00.4
48 Teams 1T Nathan Brown 05:01.6 80 | Teams 1T Robert Madden 05:01.6
49 Woman/Sportsman 31 Morgan Tanke 05:02.2
50 Sportsman 727 James King 05:09.9
51 Sportsman 15Z Robert Katz 05:10.9
52 Sportsman 303 Jim Sitton 05:12.6
53 Sportsman 302 Shane McNulty 05:18.6
54 Sportsman 454 Ryus Finch 05:22.1
55 Sportsman 262r Darrel W Collins 05:25.4 56 Sportsman N1m John Kearney 05:30.8
57 Sportsman 88 Drew Dickson 05:30.9
58 Sportsman 441 Matt Kearney 05:34.4
59 Pro 711 Steve Behunin 05:39.8
60 Sportsman 84 Tom Walker 06:02.1
61 Sportsman 23 Scotty King 06:05.5
62 Sportsman 107 John Bennett 06:32.2
63 Sportsman N7 Tom Albright 06:40.6
64 Sportsman 251 Jeremy Kirby 07:02.7
65 Sportsman 103 Remus Haupt 07:21.2
66 Women / Sportsmen 217 Rachel Gutish 07:28.1
67 Pro 602 Matthew Caraway 07:32.2
68 Sportsman 101 Kahawai Alana 07:35.1
69 Sportsman 175L Chris Gage DNF
70 Pro 3 Mike Brown DNS
71 Pro 8 Destry Abbott DNS
72 Pro 27 Wallace Palmer DNS
73 Sportsman 66 Ty Cullins DNS
74 Sportsman 102 Danny Melvin DNS
75 Pro 109 Branden Lepard DNS
76 Pro 305 Wayne Dickert DNS
77 Pro 492 Dustin McCarthy DNS
78 Pro 911 Jacob Argubright DNS
79 Pro 129M Brian Garrahan DNS
81 Teams 201T Wade Kimble DNS
82 Teams 201T Jeff Strutz DNS
83 Sportsman 314x Chris Smith DNS



Sunday – King of the Motos presented by Trail Tech

bower media king of the hammersJimmy Lewis:  “The second half of the day is going to be continually brutal.”

Start of the Moto race will be at 8:00am at the start finish line, and riders have until 11:55 to finish.  Then they will go to Chocolate Thunder for a noon start, with the course closing at 5pm.  The winner of the event will be determined by the combined times.


9AM – Only one hour later – #1 Cody Webb crossed the line with #33 Taylor Roberts right behind him.  The second stage starts at 12 noon at Chocolate Thunder – a must see!  We’ll be there…

bower media king of the hammers



Official Press Release


Webb Retains King Status As Top Riders Battle it Out at the 2014 King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech


February 2, 2014 (Johnson Valley, CA) – The 2014 King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech lived up to its reputation as the toughest extreme enduro in the U.S. as 75 riders took the green flag in the third edition of the race.  Less than three hours after he raced across the wind-scoured Mojave desert and manhandled his Beta two-stroke up a series of rocky ravines with names like Chocolate Thunder and Wrecking Ball, Cody Webb, 25, from Watsonville, Calif. won his second King of the Motos crown.

King of the motos bower mediaThe two-stage race began with a high-speed desert 40-mile course in the morning and concluded with a 36-mile highly technical course covering multiple rock climbs and descents.  Sunday’s afternoon race was a mass start at the bottom of the famed trail, Chocolate Thunder. The spectacular land rush start began with a sandy-hill then quickly pivoted left to head up the rocky ravine. This is where Webb separated himself.  Because he was wearing the yellow jersey, he got the best “lane” choice, and he avoided the carnage heading up the rocky canyon. “I rode great today,” said Webb, even though he lost his GPS during the morning’s desert section and then suffered a flat tire 15-miles before the finish. “I had a clean start, and I think that was the key to getting into to my own race.”

The all-star field packed the Pro class including former X Games competitors like Kyle Redmond, Corey Graffunder, Colton Haaker and Peter Weiss, in addition to factory KTM rider Taylor Robert, GNCC star Kailub Russell and the legend of extreme enduro riding himself, Graham Jarvis from the UK.

Jarvis, who won the inaugural KOM in 2012, has made the voyage across the pond to compete in KOM every year. Despite being tangled up during the afternoon’s mass start, Jarvis, a three-time Hell’s Gate winner and 2013 Erzberg winner, still managed to pick off riders in the technical sections of the course before finding his way to the podium in 3rd.

King of the motos bower mediaSandwiched between Webb and Jarvis in second was Taylor Robert, an emerging star in world of endurocross. Robert rode a 300cc two-stroke during the race, the bike of choice among most riders because of its speed in the desert and maneuverability in the rocks.


Class News

King of the Motos Presented by Trail Tech was divided into three classes – Pro, Sportsman and (two person) Teams.  Riding for Dirt Rider, Michael Allen won the sportsman class. In 2013, Allen registered as a pro, but joked onstage that after he got last place, he decided to demote himself.

Steven Foord and Michael Salsman won the team category and both were riding trials bikes. While Foord and Salsman won the category, it was the “Flying Hawaiians” Robert Madden and Nathan Brown that were crowd favorites as they returned to KOM to defend their 2013 win.  The uncle and nephew team, who were also riding trials bikes, and dressed in their signature Hawaiian shirts.

King of the motos bower mediaRacing for the unofficial crown of “Queen of the Motos,” Louise Forsely, Morgan Tanke and Ruth Gutish put in respectable efforts.  While Gutish DNF’d the morning race, both Tanke and Forsely timed out during the afternoon competition.  Forsely, an X Games medalist and trials champion who competed in the 2013 King of the Motos commented that this year’s course was much more difficult than the previous year.

Perhaps the most prestigious honor of the day, though, went to Steve Behunin. Behunin was given the first annual Kurt Caselli Sportsmanship Award for his efforts helping other riders throughout the day. There were numerous times during the brutal start that Steve would get off his bike to assist other riders who were struggling.  Caselli, a well-loved rider in the role model in motocross community, was killed in 2013 Baja 1000.

Hammertown Grows

As the popularity of KOM continues to grow, so does the crowd who follows it. On Sunday afternoon, while the Broncos battled the Seahawks, the sea of RVs in Hammertown spread across the desert and people from across the globe were glued to their computer screens watching the live webcast.  More than 35,000 people total are expected to fill the makeshift city during the King of the Motos/King of the Hammers week-long event which concludes Friday, Feb. 7th with the main event – Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto.

Results Riders 1-10

1. Cody Webb, 2:38:01

2. Taylor Robert, 2:40:19

3. Graham Jarvis, 2:47:19

4. Kyle Redmond, 2:51:19

5. Noah Kepple, 3:30:52

6. Mitch Carvolth, 3:44:39

7. Kale Elworthy, 3:57:12

8. Ty Tremaine, 3:58:00

9. Travis Coy, 3:58:16

10. Peter Weiss, 4:06:57

Click here for complete results.


Monday 2/2 – Backdoor Challenge

king of the hammers back door challengeBack Door Challenge was the topic of the day, especially with Charlene (I) taking a starting spot.  Wild Wild day!  “So excited that I was able to get to the top, that was all that mattered to me.  The first time that I had even been up Backdoor as a driver or passenger was on Saturday.  I drove up as a passenger first, watched Matt’s line from outside the buggy for a second lap, then I took the driver seat and crawled up it.  Matt rolled me up to the top; stopped me; then said ‘feel that?’ I nodded. ‘That is as bad as it’s going to get.’ I laughed…a lot.  Backed off and hit it.  Second try, I was up!  I went up to the second obstacle, learned it and then I was ready to go and do the loop at speed.  I hit it and one-shotted it!!!  I was ready for Monday night!  Soooo Exciting!!!”

“Monday was a busy day in general with pictures etc. so I was in a little rush towards the end of the afternoon as we went up there.  Of course my nerves were a little high too.  The crowd was huge, but luckily I couldn’t hear or see anyone.  I knew what I needed to do and just focused on going fast through the bottom and crawl up the obstacle.  I got up on it once and I didn’t power the 4-cylinders enough, I hit it like a girl.  When I backed down, I went too far down, and had to roll back up to where I needed to king of the hammers back door challengebe…and hit it!  I got to the top, nailed the top rock, then rolled around to the second obstacle and owned it.”

“When I got past the time, I threw my hands up in excitement!!!  I had made it.  The finisher volunteer at the top asked me if I had seen my time, and I said, ‘No, I didn’t, but I don’t care, I got to talk to you and that is all I really care about!’  I couldn’t go to bed for hours, and then when I did, I was still twitching and going up backdoor again!”



Final Results:

king of the hammers back door challengeWinner: Randy Slawson

Fastest West: Randy Slawson

Fastest East: Luke Wilson

Raceline Right Line: Luke Wilson

RCV Crowd Favorite: Matt Myrick, Busted Knuckle

Fastest Girl: Charlene Bower (Yep thats me!!!)


Randy Slawson California 30.522
Cody Waggoner California 31.001
Ben Napier Australia 33.609
Ryan Delaney Oregon 35.586
Luke Wilson Kentucky 36.45
Bobby Tanner Tennessee 36.526
Trent Trubenbach Texas 36.718
Avery Genosi California 36.999
Keith Kanig Oregon 39.085
Richie Keith Tennessee 39.316
Justin Cardwell Oregon 39.935
Mike Odom Oklahoma 41.215
Jason Bartram Oregon 44.434
Ryan Bramhall Kansas 46.94
Perry Kirby Tennessee 47.638
Ryan Miller Arizona 47.948
Randall Allen California 49.562
CJ Bynum Mississippi 51.918
Mike Slawson Oregon 53.521
Noah Pomerantz Oregon 54.848
Phil Pasciak Nevada 64
Allen Pultz Kansas 71.417
Pierre Burns Arizona 76.23
Clint Ellett Colorado 83.922
Charlene Bower Arizona 88.852
Ron Fuchs Arizona 93.239
Shawn Fisher 97.964
Shawn Sheble Arizona 8888
Joe Pierce Maine 8888
Uriel Varela Arizona 8888
Brian McCarthy California 8888
Jesse Haines Nevada 8888
Kevin Sitzes California 8888
Bree Molitor Tennessee 8888
Brandon Dillon Tennessee 8888
Bill Baird Kentucky 8888
Andrew McLaughlin Arizona 8888
Justin Kyleman Arizona 8888
Steven Woolsey Missouri 8888
Matt Myrick Alabama 8888
Randall Key Alabama 8888
Tyler Ude Arizona 8888
Dave Eulberg California 8888



 Tuesday 2/3 – Qualifying

Today was Qualifying for the 4700, 4600, 4500 and some of the 4400 classes.  Among other fun projects of the day, we got to watch the Power Hour of Qualifying.  Lots of great pictures to share, here are just a few, including the Big Ugly – Kevin Sacalas – epic crash.

4 Wheel Parts Qualifying Rounds Underway at the 2014 Griffin King of the Hammers Presented by Nitto Tire

Wayes Leads Tuesday’s Qualifying, 112 More Cars to Race.

February 4, 2014 (Johnson Valley, CA) – The highly anticipated 8th annual Griffin King of the Hammers presented by Nitto Tires kicked off Tuesday morning with part one of the 4 Wheel Parts Qualifying Rounds including the Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ).

For pre-qualified drivers, qualifying determines seeding position for Friday’s main race. For non-qualified drivers, it offers a chance to advance to Friday’s big show. 40 KOH drivers took to the line on Tuesday, while another 122 will race tomorrow morning starting at 9 a.m.  In 2014, a record 162 cars registered for the event and five KOH “Kings” have returned to the roster.

On Tuesday, while all eyes were on former winners like Erik Miller (2012), Loren Healy (2010) and Randy Slawson (2013), it was Alaska heli-ski guide Tom Wayes from Lake Tahoe, California who posted the fastest lap time of 2:58:91. Wayes has been a KOM competitor since 2008, finishing in the top 20 four times. This year he is driving former KOM winner Jason Scherer’s car from 2013. His new ride could be just the advantage he needs to challenge for the crown.  “Mentally this is the hardest race there is,” says Wayes, who still must wait for another 122 drivers to qualify tomorrow. “It’s the hardest one day race in the world.”

Still to run on Wednesday is two-time KOH winner Shannon Campbell, 2009 winner Jason Scherer, desert star TJ Flores and one of the top contenders on the Ultra4 series, Derek West. All four will run during the afternoon’s “Power Hour” which will start at 4 pm PST.

In addition to Tuesday’s KOH qualifying, 45 drivers also competed for qualifying times in the Smittybilt Every Man Challenge, which will go down on Thursday. John Currie, who won the event in both 2012 and 2013, posted the fastest time in the modified category (3:53:12), while Shannon Campbell was fastest in the 4700 Spec Class (4:08:76).

Tomorrow, the King of the Hammers UTV race will start at 8 a.m.  UTV qualifying was the first group off the line this morning with Branden Sims running the fastest time at 4:10:8.   Seventeen  racers finished the course out of a total of thirty-four registered.

big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash big ugly king of the hammers crash

king of the hammers results king of the hammers results king of the hammers results



This is a really cool article on Jason Scherer:


Wednesday 2/4 – UTV Race, Qualifying, Contingency

Here is an introduction to some of the UTV Racers, compliments of

Race # 1909

Team Name – American Rock Rods

Driver – Scott Barnett

Co-Driver – Amber Barnett

UTV – 2009 Polaris RZR-S

Sponsors – American Rock Rods, Pro Armor, Pit Bull Tires

Notes – Finished 3rd in Production 850 class 2 years ago.


Race # 1916

Team Name – Lonestar Racing Polaris RZR

Driver – Cody Nygren

Co-Driver – Zack Rouse

UTV – Polaris RZR XP900-4

Sponsors – Lone Star Racing, ITP, Muzzy’s, Alba Racing, Fabwerx, Camel Spider Engineering, Fox, Tire Blocks and CBR Radiators

Notes – We raced KOH last year and started 17th and after the 1st lap we had the physical lead. Lead all the way to mm72 where we ripped the stock rack and pinion out of the frame and ended the day. Since then we have been racing in the AVE series out in Cal City and will be racing all of the remaining BITD races for this year


Race # – 1918

Team Name – J’s Racing USA/UTV Cartel Polaris RZR

Driver – Angie Sripoona
Co-Driver – Robert Shepherd
UTV – 2010 RZR-S built by J’s Racing USA with Bent Motorsports long-travel suspension and Walker Evans shocks. Fireball Racing billet hubs, GearOne rack and pinion, Summer Bros. axles, EPI CVs and severe duty belt, Fuel Safe fuel cell, Muzzy exhaust
Sponsors – J’s Racing USA, UTV Cartel, Bent Motorsports, EPI Performance, WPC Treatment, Xtreme Performance Coatings, Walker Evans, GBC Motorsports, Axia Alloys, Twisted Stitch, UTVUnderground!
Notes – Former 1/4-mile drag racer turned lover of all things dirt – bikes, quads, UTVs. 2nd time at Hammers, just couldn’t stay away. New co-dog this year – Robert Shepherd who was a pit crewmember with J’s Racing USA last year. Special thanks to our pit crew! J’s Racing USA and UTV Underground La Familia! We ride together and race together, always supporting each other.


Race #1921

Team Name – Dunlap Racing and Motorsports Arctic Cat Wildcat
Driver – Darryl Dunlap, owner Dunlap Racing. Arctic Cat dealer in New Mexico and fabricator.
Co-Driver – Clancy Dunlap, son of Darryl. First pro race (age 17).
UTV – Dunlap Racing built Arctic Cat Wildcat.
Sponsors – King Off Road Racing Shocks, ITP Wheels and Tires, various UTV Inc accessories, Beard Seats, Pro Armor Safety Harnesses, Vision X Lighting, Turner Cycle Axles, Warn Winch


Race #1929

Team Name – Team Rally On the Rocks

Driver – Lanse Chournos

Co-driver – Chad Hughes

UTV – 2014 Arctic Cat Wildcat X.

Sponsors – Arctic Cat, Ruthless Motorsports, Pro Armor, Muzzy, Raceline Wheel, D and P Performance, Wildcat Willys and PCI.

Notes – Both drivers are from St George Utah, it is our 3rd year at KOH.  KOH is where we got our start in UTV racing, people ask me why I chose the hardest race to compete in for the first time, and the answer is just that.  I wanted to compete in the hardest, toughest UTV race in the US.  Thanks to Ultra 4 for putting this on.

Come out to Rally on the Rocks in beautiful Moab Utah on May 14-17 for the best Rally for UTV’s in the US!


Race # 35 (1935)

Team Name – Big Ugly Girls Part of Big Ugly racing Ultra4 4435 team

Driver – Amberlee Sacalas

Driver – Wende Owen

Co-Driver – Kate Calson

Co-Driver – Vicki Hahn

UTV – 2012 Polaris RZR XP900

Sponsors – Big Ugly Racing

Notes – All are wives of racers on the Big Ugly 4435 team. This is their first race ever. After 5 years of the boys racing, the girls decided they wanted to get in on the action. They are all Johnson Valley locals! We are having a Save the Hammers fund-raiser on Tuesday Night at the Team Big Ugly Tent. All proceeds will be going to pay the debt for the Save the Hammers Program. Our Big Ugly Girls will be tending bar. 20 dollars gets you all you can drink. If you could give our fund-raiser a plug, that would be great. Just look for the Orange Big Ugly Balloon. 


Race # 1946

Team Name – Wyatt Casper Polaris RZR

Driver – Wyatt Casper

Co-Driver – Mark Eulberg

UTV – Polaris RZR XP900

Sponsors – Auburn Extreme Powersports, STI tire and wheel, HCR racing and turner cycles

Notes – The car’s motor was built by alba racing, 30 in STI Rocktane XD on 14 in STI HD beadlocks. We have HCR Suspension with king shocks and Turner cycles axles and cv’s


Race # 1948

Team Name – American Rock Rods

Driver – Bill Barnett

Co-Driver – Darrell Lusher

UTV – 2012 Polaris RZR XP900

Sponsors – Pro Armor, PRP, Factory UTV, Powertank, HCR Racing, Fix My Polaris, DG Offroad Center, Yoshimura and RZR Forum
Notes – From Denver. 3 car team, 2 pro 1 sportsman. Races last year


Race # – 1959

Team Name – PRP Seats Polaris RZR

Driver –  Arnold “Bullet” Parris, Parris Traffic Control

Co-driver –  Travis “T-Bone” Anderson, Murrieta Firefighter


Sponsors – PRP Seats

Notes – This is Bullet’s second year racing King of the Hammers, second year racing, and second race overall. Bullet’s dream of winning KOH started two years ago in a bar when he was stating how difficult the race is and T-Bone called him out… Not one to back down from a challenge, Bullet began work on a RZR 900 and registered for the race. Although he did not finish last year Bullet is confident that his rig (which is unchanged since last year) and his co-driver (who has only been to the desert once before) will be the keys to propelling him to claim second place away from Jon Crowley Jr.


Race # 1961

Team Name – American Rock Rods

Driver – Chris Barnett

Co-Driver – Brittany Cardone

UTV – 2011 Polaris RZR XP900

Sponsors – Pro Armor, PRP, Factory UTV, Powertank, HCR Racing, Fix My Polaris, DG Offroad Center, Yoshimura and RZR Forum

Notes – Chris is from Denver. Brittany is daughter of Damon Cardone, owner of HCR Racing and she is from Utah. Raced last year



Race # – 1999

Team Name – Usnick Motorsports Yamaha Rhino
Driver – Rob Usnick
Co-Driver – Mitch Hawkinson
UTV – 2007 Yamaha Rhino
Sponsors – MJ Motorsports built1000cc Rotax, King Shocks, 30″ GBC Mongrel

Notes – Both driver & Co-Driver are active duty Army


Race # 023

Team Name – Pitbull Powersports Can-Am Maverick

Driver – Brandon Sinclair

Co-Driver – Travis Printy

UTV – 2013 Can-Am Maverick TURBO

Sponsors –  PitBull Powersports

Notes – First KOH race for the team. Driving over a 1000 miles to come compete from Jerseyville, IL!



More Pictures and info on our Facebook page:

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