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Shirt & Swag Club March Countdown

shirt club Feb PhotoThe countdown is on to sign up for the March shipment of the Shirt & Swag Club.  If you have already signed up, then you know how awesome it is, and will continue to be.  If not, then check out what you have missed here:  CLICK HERE

We just sent out an email that explains it a little differently than our own website:

Get Signed up Now!  CLICK HERE

What People are Saying… “So glad you did this. Now I have to add another closet just for swag. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s in the mail. Thanks.”  Followed shortly after by…  “Got my swag. Looks great. How can I change from every other month to every month. Also is there anyway to send an extra 20 to get lasts moths stuff too? If not that’s cool just thought I’d ask. Thanks.”   LOVE it when everyone is excited!

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