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Shaffer-Motorsports Will Race SCORE San Felipe 250 this Weekend

Shaffer Motorsports 401OAKLAND, CA     MARCH 9, 2012   Shaffer-Motorsports car #401 will be racing in the SCORE San Felipe 250 this weekend.  With the addition of title sponsor Transfer Case Express, the Shaffer-Motorsports black, red and white car is still focused on the SCORE Class 4 Championship.  “All the pre-running has gone well this week.  We have all ran our sections 3 times, but those San Felipe whoops are still a killer,” said Mike Shaffer, driver of record and owner of Shaffer’s Offroad.  “We spent three hours shock tuning to adjust to making it smoother, but I don’t think anything can really soak those up.”

During the shock tuning session the transaxle gave way.  Ron Weddle, from Weddle Industries, invited them to the shop in Southern California to get it fixed.  “He showed up at 2:45am this morning when we got there to get to work.  We are all so appreciative of that type of dedication,” said Shaffer.  They have already finished up the rebuild and will be back in San Felipe with working parts before dark and ready to race in the morning!

This weekend the Class 4 car, that will be seen with Transfer Case Express and Torchmate Racing graphics, will race the 26th SCORE San Felipe 250 starting with the Cars and Trucks at 10am and are the 8th class off the line.   The race is 248.64 miles consisting of a long, fairly narrow loop extending north of San Felipe near Highway 3 and south almost to Puertecitos on the east side adjacent to the Sea of Cortez. Course will start and finish in the shadow of the famed San Felipe Arches. Heading northwest of town, it runs in a counterclockwise direction. Course runs north, northwest, west and south of town. The challenging course runs through five major washes in the area: Cuevitas, Matomi, Azufre, Huatomote, Chanate and finally Amarillas, with silt, jagged rocks, and narrow passes between walls of rock, and is considered to be ‘The best of Baja.’


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Transfer Case Express (TCE) has been a great addition to the Shaffer-Motorsports Team.  Transfer Case Express has been in business since 1998 and specialize in American transfer cases carrying New Process, Dana and Borg Warner brands.  TCE has two remanufacturing centers, one in Oakland California and one in Spartanburg South Carolina where new and remanufactured American transfer cases are available.



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More about Mike Shaffer:  Mike Shaffer is the owner of Shaffer’s Offroad that helps customers build the vehicle of their choice, from bolt on accessories to custom one off vehicles.  Shaffer has been racing for 27 years, starting with BMX and then age 16 in drag racing and his first desert race was fourteen years ago.  Shaffer was driver of record for 3 Baja 1000 wins, 3 SCORE Championships and one BITD Championship in Class 1700, along with rock crawling National Championship and ARCA Championship.

More about Shawn Twitchell: Shawn Twitchell started desert racing motorcycles in 1972, went to drag racing in the 1980’s, circle track in the 1990’s and is now back in the desert driving with Shaffer Motorsports.  He has been a member of Shaffer Motorsports team since 2008 helping win three SCORE 1700 Championships. Twitchell is the Business Unit Manager for FMC Technologies’ Technisys Group and has been married for 30 years to Vickie.  Desert racing is in their family encompassing four generations including his son Ian, who will co-drive for Shawn. Two of seven grandkids are already earning their stripes in the pits and at the shop.

More about Daniel Aeberli: Daniel Aeberli is the CTO of Meditron, a Swiss medical distribution company that he co-founded 20 years ago in Switzerland.  He raced with the Shaffer Motorsport team in 2010 helping them win SCORE Primm in Class 1700.  Aeberli drove the first section of the 2010 SCORE Baja 1000 and is looking forward to coming back to the United States to race in BITD including Vegas to Reno and SCORE Baja 1000.  Active in many sports, he especially enjoys skiing and hangliding in Switzerland.

Sponsors: Transfer Case Express, Torchmate CNC Cutting Systems, BFGoodrich, PowerTank, RuffStuff, PSC Steering, Shaffer’s Offroad

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